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About Kelly



Functional Nutrition

Autoimmune Disease (AIP Certified)

Hormone Imbalance

Anti-Aging Nutrition

Digestive Issues

Label Reading and Smart Shopping

Kelly Hatke is a Master Nutrition Therapist (MNT) and holds a certification as an AIP (Autoimmune Paleo) Certified Coach.  She is a faculty member at the Nutrition Therapy Institute.  She applies a functional and holistic approach to nutrition therapies including:


·      Autoimmune Nutrition

·      Hormone Imbalance

·      Food Sensitivities, Intolerances, and Allergies

·      Digestive Issues, Leaky Gut, Dysbiosis

·      Weight Management

·      Blood Sugar Imbalances

·      Anti-Aging Nutrition


Kelly received a B.S. from Purdue University, and both her CNTP and MNT diplomas from the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, CO, one of the leading private nutrition schools in the country.  She completed her internship working with a triple board-certified physician.


Kelly provides nutrition consulting in Boulder, Colorado.  Virtual appointments are also available.


One of her favorite parts of nutrition therapy is recognizing that bio-individuality matters.  It is not a one-size-fits-all approach.  Achieving true and optimal wellness involves a process of digging deep to discover the root cause of someone’s health challenges, and devising individualized nutrition plans to help her clients achieve their goals.


Kelly lives in Longmont, Colorado and has two daughters.  She loves Colorado and enjoys hiking, traveling, exploring the farmer’s markets, and eating out at the delicious restaurants in the area.  Her current challenge is attempting to learn grain-free baking.


She came to this perspective and interest from her own life experience and found healing through food and nutrition.

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