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I began working with Kelly after I had my gallbladder removed.  I had also been dealing with IBS.  She has helped me immensely!  My digestion is much better now and I’ve been able to get my IBS symptoms under control.  I’m also sleeping better and my brain fog continues to improve. Kelly is so knowledgeable!  From vitamins and other supplements, to her resources on healthy (and yummy) foods, she always has a suggestion/solution to get the bad stuff out of your diet and the good stuff in.  I’m grateful for all her help and continued support!

- Kelli

I met Kelly as a referral from my doctor for diabetic issues and inflammation.  Kelly's knowledge and the way she explained nutrition made an immediate impact on me that "she knew her stuff."  At first, I was on "information overload" but it soon became apparent that Kelly would connect all the dots.  Over the course of our meetings, Kelly's teaching began to take root as I understood more and more of the whys and wherefores of nutrition.  My biggest breakthrough came on a shopping trip with Kelly.  We went to Whole Foods and I began to shop as I normally would.  Kelly educated me on "good", "better", and "best" choices.  Together, we would read the labels and finally I began to see what Kelly had been teaching.  That experience was invaluable.  Today, through Kelly's instruction, I feel confident in making good, healthy choices for my body.  The referral to Kelly, for me, has been a life-changing experience -- for the better.

- Sue

I was referred to Kelly by my doctor.  She is a great nutritionist that makes you feel like you can change your eating habits and become a much healthier person. She builds your confidence and assists you in making some of those tough eating decisions. I'm one who enjoys eating out and has to do it quite often for business travel. She assists me in finding local restaurants that provide better options for me. We even met at the grocery store and she assisted me with picking better choices from what I normally would have chosen. She does this in small steps so that she does not overwhelm you with a massive change.

I have dropped 48 pounds and kept it off as a result of Kelly's nutritional guidance. She is 100% supportive of your goals. I highly recommend her for nutritional guidance and support.

- Jackie

Kelly's lunch and learn was perfectly suited for my team.  There was such positive feedback from the team afterwards.  They loved the level of detail and relevant information she provided.

We are a science-based start-up organization and her level of science to back up recommendations was well received.  Her talk has helped motivate the staff and bring a sense of teamwork to our office nutrition.


- Libby Russell, PhD, Sr. VP at Neva Analytics

Kelly's nutrition counseling was incredibly helpful with my teenage son.  Kelly has a realistic, yet impactful approach to nutrition.

She provided us with many resources directly tailored to my son's individual needs.  I highly recommend Nourished Wellness, as Kelly's services have truly benefitted my whole family.  Thank you!

- Julie, mother of two teenage sons

Kelly is very knowledgeable and presents information in a wonderfully kind and non-judgmental way.  I highly and wholeheartedly recommend Nourished Wellness.

- Lisa Nelson, MA, LPC, NCC, Watershed Counseling

Kelly is very nice and supportive.  She is not pushy but encourages people to try new foods.

- Dennis

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