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Consultation Options and Fees
(In-Person and Virtual Appointments Available)

New Client Consultation

This includes a full review of your health history, current dietary intake, and establishing realistic and desired goals.  Follow up documentation and email support between sessions is also provided.

(90 minutes) $225.00

Follow Up Sessions

These consultations provide an opportunity for us to check in, adjust nutritional protocols, and address any questions or concerns you may have.  Additional educational tools are provided to ensure successful progression.  These meetings enable you to stay on track and motivated towards achieving your goals.  Email correspondence between sessions.


(1 hour​) $150.00

Three follow up sessions $405.00

Five follow up sessions $640.00

Seven follow up sessions $860.00

30 Day Jumpstart

Includes one 90-minute initial consultation, 2 follow up sessions, and email support.


Reset Your Diet and Relationship with Food 

Includes one 90-minute initial consultation with:

 5 one-hour follow up sessions


Grocery Shopping Tour

Organic?  Non-GMO?  Gluten Free?  Grass-fed?  Wild-caught? Natural?  Low carb?  Low fat?  Sugar free? 

Your health depends on what you know!  Out there, it is a marketing-driven mess designed to sell products, not support a healthy lifestyle.  This private, guided tour through your local grocery store educates you on what to buy.

Learn how to read labels, what to add, and what to leave on the shelf. 

Discover how to rehab your favorites in a healthier way. 

This essential session will cut through the chaos and fuel your dedication to making real food choices. 

(90 minutes) $250.00

Concierge Nutrition

This enhanced service provides the optimum personalized support (email to inquire, some restrictions apply). 


Specialized packages tailored to support the individual also available.

Corporate and Group Presentations Available 

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